When Blue Isn't Invited.

I hate blue sometimes. It gets in the way of me just slamming shit down and knowing its done its thing.
At least until my opponent gets priority and just kills my hopes and dreams.

Yeah. So I've been building a blue-less battle-box environment for the last week or so. I've been basing it on mid 2010's modern midrange and other blue-less stuff, such as Blood and Zoo.

In addition to new and old staples of the last 10+ years, I've been trying some random stuff I've taken a liking to. Such as Raging Kavu and Naya Hushblade.

Most of these cards aren't going last long as they are a bit too aggressively focused, and don't scale to late game very well. There are aggressive cards that do scale very well to late-game such as Minsc and Laelia. Apologies if you cant read M&B, take my word for it.

As these are the opposite side of the spectrum, I also have a pretty close eye on them. And I'm ready to cut them if they over preform too hard. I'm mostly keeping my eye on Minsc, as Laelia at least gets chumped by a 1/1.

My current favorite cards I've added are Greatsword of Tyr, Travel Preparations and Zealous Persecution.

Greatsword really impressed me in Baldur's Gate draft, which lead me to adding it to my box. It combined with the 3/2 with menace commander, wiped up games quick.
Travel Preparations is recognized to some degree as quite a strong limited card. I believe in it a bit more, and am giving it a chance in my battle-box.
Zealous is just plain and simply my favorite combat trick. It's cheap, super effective, and quite powerful. I expect it to stay for a while.

On the other side, these are some of my watch-list for low power cards: Memnite, Meteor Golem, Saffi and other cheap "aggro" cards.

I'm not quite sure how to evaluate some of the cheap creatures that are simply just large beat-sticks for a low cost. They'll stick around for a while as I figure out the relationship to the rest of the box.


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