Forgitian. A Glog Wizard School.



    A master of minds. A force of nature. A... where am I again? A Forgitian wields the power of the mind, altering memories and feelings at a whim. What you know, you don't. What he knows, he already forgor.

Skills: 1. Psychology 2. Animal Breeds  3. Estimation
Starting Equipment: Wizard starting items
Perk: Your brain is empty. Mind control and reading minds has no effect on you. You cannot be coerced or controlled.
Drawback: Whenever you cast a spell, immediately replace your readied spell with an unprepared spell you know at random.
    1. At will, totally forget something you knew.
    2. Force someone to recall a lost memory.
    3. From the shadows, conjure a fleeting image dashing into the shadows, or briefly making a small,            noticeable sound.
Take 1d4 damage
Instantly fall to the ground. Takes a full round to stand up.
3. Forget the name and relation to the person physically closest to you.

Doom of the Forgitian

One way to escape this doom is to consume a brain of a relative. Close or distant, it doesn't matter.
1. You forget to breath without constant reminder. For each half hour that goes by without being reminded, you take 1d4 damage.
3. Your cells themselves forget to operate appropriately.  Unless constantly attended by a person whose sole job it is to attend to you, you simply cannot exist without dying of your own stupidity.

1. Fog Mind
    R: [dice]*20 feet T: [dice] humanoids D: [worst] Rounds.
        Target(s) can take no actions besides moving for the duration.
2. Spellsteal
    R: Visible target T: A magic user D: Instant
        Copy a spell the target knows, you may cast it [dice] times. The spell replaces Spellsteal's
        slot until used up or willed away.
3. Boost Intellect
    R: Touch T: Single D: [dice] minutes
        Target gains +1 to Int Wis and Cha.
4. Release Mind
    R: [dice]*10 feet T: Single D: Instant
        Target regains control of their mind, overriding mind-control and other effects.
        on a double, target also gains another turn following this one.

5. Brain Storm
    R: [best]*20 feet T: [dice] D: Instant
        Target(s) takes 1d6 psychic damage. No effect on undead or automata.
6. Mind Swap
    R: 20 feet T: Two humanoids D: [dice] minutes
Targets swap minds for the duration. 
7. Inject Bad Idea.
    R: [dice]*30 feet T: One D: Target's next action.
    Implant an action for the target to take instead of their normal action.
8. Fear
9. Courage
10. Illusory Plummet
Emblem Spells:
11. Gullibility
12. Steal Thought.

I have never played glog and likely never will, so im posting this unfinished.


  1. Posting this unfinished is the most GLOG thing you possibly could have done. I'll run some GLOG with you any time you like. Also having the spell replace the Spellsteal slot is a nifty way of handling it.

    Did you have some idea of what Gullibility should do as an Emblem spell?

  2. Thanks for your comment. I still don't know how to respond with my blog account.

    I have no plans to play glog or continue planning a glog class. This was sorta made on the spot as a proof of concept. Thanks and happy hunting.


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