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Ten Minute Dungeon: Mold

    Another month draws to a close. Almost missing my rough personal goal of one post a month, I decided to try this out, solely of my own idea and intention. (No one helped me.) Excluding this opening, I'm going to try to do the entire contents of this post in 10 minutes or less. Here we go. 1. The entryway with a chamber pot with no door. Inside the closed toilet is strange red mold. The red mold attacks the green mold that is dislodged aggressively. 2. A barred observation room with two small desks observing the barred portion. Unlocking the door reveals a long-decayed and entirely mold ridden corpse. The mold is like a thick layer of insulation. If brushed away, a large ingot of silver is revealed. Perhaps was being used to test if it reacts with the mold. 3. A larger room with a bed and a full-size desk covered in medical instruments and appliances. Reasonably pricey, and high-quality. 4. The main observation room with a burning pit and a glass cage with a large amount of mold