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Forgitian. A Glog Wizard School.

  Forgitian     A master of minds. A force of nature. A... where am I again? A Forgitian wields the power of the mind, altering memories and feelings at a whim. What you know, you don't. What he knows, he already forgor. Skills : 1. Psychology 2. Animal Breeds  3. Estimation Starting Equipment : Wizard starting items Perk : Your brain is empty. Mind control and reading minds has no effect on you. You cannot be coerced or controlled. Drawback : Whenever you cast a spell, immediately replace your readied spell with an unprepared spell you know at random. Cantrips :      1. At will, totally forget something you knew.      2. Force someone to recall a lost memory.     3. From the shadows, conjure a fleeting image dashing into the shadows, or briefly making a small,             noticeable sound. Mishaps 1. Take 1d4 damage 2. Instantly fall to the ground. Takes a full round to stand up. 3. Forget the name and relation to the person physically closest to you. 4. 5. 6. Doom of the Forgit