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Beckonfall. A d8 System.

Since I hate all RPG settings and rules, I decided to make my own shitty one. Part of my design goal is to put as little base complexity on mechanics you have to learn to play correctly. I want complexity to ramp up as you play, but never get too high. It might be like every other bad 'simplified' dnd but this one's mine. If there are any typos or anything, you did it and it's not my fault. Welcome to Starstrom      The Setting: Starstrom is set in the late 1700's in a medieval sword and sorcery world. There is magic, there are guns, there are machines starting to take over people's place in the world. Generally, players are a displaced worker or someone who grew tired of modern life. They seek adventure as a solace. The God is long dead and so are mortal dreams. The land is divided between those who use the relics of the Dead God for their will and those who believe that they must be preserved and held in worship.     The Players: A player will select one of t