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Beckonfall Additional Classes 2

  The Wedgearm You are a person who has been encased in a set of permanent armor and has been affixed with a pike of metal in place of a left hand. Flesh and metal have merged. You start encased in your armor(+1 AC), with your wedgearm and 10S. Proficiency: N/A Level 1. Your hand of choice is a spike of metal jutting outward, rigidly. The hand cannot be used normally. As a counterpoint, the wedge is now a 1d6 damage weapon with -1 AC. The wedge cannot break and the armor cannot be removed. You gain Lunge . It's an action. The next Attack you make this turn ignores AC. Level 2. You may attack through objects up to 3 feet thick as if they weren't there. Level 3. Your attacks crack the air with their speed, Your counter attacks now automatically hit and you cannot be counter attacked. The Chronoclast You are a man stuck in fractured time, he exists in the present and the past and uses that to his advantage. You start with a simple weapon of your choice, Leather Armor, and 1