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d100 Magic Books

d100 Books, Manuscripts and Leaflets. 0 and 101 were added just for giggles and in case of random roll effects. If a book isn't clear on how many times it lasts, just assume its single person use or only the first person can learn it. Generally system agnostic, no class, race or system referencing or anything (except french people,) mostly just for fun as I like bizarre items that aren't just a number buff. Get rollin'. 0. Inverse Understanding - The book is mutable in form and indescribable. Instead of reading the last page, The book reads you. You lose the knowledge of what you were thinking as you read it, and all that information goes into the book. 1. On Death - A small, tattered manuscript in a purple cover, written by a high-wizard. Discloses the intricacies of death as two parts: death of the body, and death of the mind. Halfway though the book, the pages change, as if torn out and replaced with new ones. A new voice takes over. criticizing the original writer's