d100 Magic Books

d100 Books, Manuscripts and Leaflets. 0 and 101 were added just for giggles and in case of random roll effects. If a book isn't clear on how many times it lasts, just assume its single person use or only the first person can learn it. Generally system agnostic, no class, race or system referencing or anything (except french people,) mostly just for fun as I like bizarre items that aren't just a number buff. Get rollin'. 0. Inverse Understanding - The book is mutable in form and indescribable. Instead of reading the last page, The book reads you. You lose the knowledge of what you were thinking as you read it, and all that information goes into the book. 1. On Death - A small, tattered manuscript in a purple cover, written by a high-wizard. Discloses the intricacies of death as two parts: death of the body, and death of the mind. Halfway though the book, the pages change, as if torn out and replaced with new ones. A new voice takes over. criticizing the original writer's

Ten Minute Dungeon: Mold

    Another month draws to a close. Almost missing my rough personal goal of one post a month, I decided to try this out, solely of my own idea and intention. (No one helped me.) Excluding this opening, I'm going to try to do the entire contents of this post in 10 minutes or less. Here we go. 1. The entryway with a chamber pot with no door. Inside the closed toilet is strange red mold. The red mold attacks the green mold that is dislodged aggressively. 2. A barred observation room with two small desks observing the barred portion. Unlocking the door reveals a long-decayed and entirely mold ridden corpse. The mold is like a thick layer of insulation. If brushed away, a large ingot of silver is revealed. Perhaps was being used to test if it reacts with the mold. 3. A larger room with a bed and a full-size desk covered in medical instruments and appliances. Reasonably pricey, and high-quality. 4. The main observation room with a burning pit and a glass cage with a large amount of mold

Beckonfall Additional Classes 2

  The Wedgearm You are a person who has been encased in a set of permanent armor and has been affixed with a pike of metal in place of a left hand. Flesh and metal have merged. You start encased in your armor(+1 AC), with your wedgearm and 10S. Proficiency: N/A Level 1. Your hand of choice is a spike of metal jutting outward, rigidly. The hand cannot be used normally. As a counterpoint, the wedge is now a 1d6 damage weapon with -1 AC. The wedge cannot break and the armor cannot be removed. You gain Lunge . It's an action. The next Attack you make this turn ignores AC. Level 2. You may attack through objects up to 3 feet thick as if they weren't there. Level 3. Your attacks crack the air with their speed, Your counter attacks now automatically hit and you cannot be counter attacked. The Chronoclast You are a man stuck in fractured time, he exists in the present and the past and uses that to his advantage. You start with a simple weapon of your choice, Leather Armor, and 1

Beckonfall. A d8 System.

Since I hate all RPG settings and rules, I decided to make my own shitty one. Part of my design goal is to put as little base complexity on mechanics you have to learn to play correctly. I want complexity to ramp up as you play, but never get too high. It might be like every other bad 'simplified' dnd but this one's mine. If there are any typos or anything, you did it and it's not my fault. Welcome to Starstrom      The Setting: Starstrom is set in the late 1700's in a medieval sword and sorcery world. There is magic, there are guns, there are machines starting to take over people's place in the world. Generally, players are a displaced worker or someone who grew tired of modern life. They seek adventure as a solace. The God is long dead and so are mortal dreams. The land is divided between those who use the relics of the Dead God for their will and those who believe that they must be preserved and held in worship.     The Players: A player will select one of t

Forgitian. A Glog Wizard School.

  Forgitian     A master of minds. A force of nature. A... where am I again? A Forgitian wields the power of the mind, altering memories and feelings at a whim. What you know, you don't. What he knows, he already forgor. Skills : 1. Psychology 2. Animal Breeds  3. Estimation Starting Equipment : Wizard starting items Perk : Your brain is empty. Mind control and reading minds has no effect on you. You cannot be coerced or controlled. Drawback : Whenever you cast a spell, immediately replace your readied spell with an unprepared spell you know at random. Cantrips :      1. At will, totally forget something you knew.      2. Force someone to recall a lost memory.     3. From the shadows, conjure a fleeting image dashing into the shadows, or briefly making a small,             noticeable sound. Mishaps 1. Take 1d4 damage 2. Instantly fall to the ground. Takes a full round to stand up. 3. Forget the name and relation to the person physically closest to you. 4. 5. 6. Doom of the Forgit
When Blue Isn't Invited. I hate blue sometimes. It gets in the way of me just slamming shit down and knowing its done its thing. At least until my opponent gets priority and just kills my hopes and dreams. Yeah. So I've been building a blue-less battle-box environment for the last week or so. I've been basing it on mid 2010's modern midrange and other blue-less stuff, such as Blood and Zoo . In addition to new and old staples of the last 10+ years, I've been trying some random stuff I've taken a liking to. Such as Raging Kavu and Naya Hushblade. Most of these cards aren't going last long as they are a bit too aggressively focused, and don't scale to late game very well. There are aggressive cards that do scale very well to late-game such as Minsc and Laelia. Apologies if you cant read M&B, take my word for it. As these are the opposite side of the spectrum, I also have a pretty close eye on them. And I'm ready to cut them if they over preform